Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired

Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired

Naturally, we count on our roofs to withstand the elements of weather and to protect us.

Although, as time goes on, nature’s natural elements will slowly decrease the integrity of our roofs, often leaving them susceptible to water damages and air leaks.

Duque Roofing is the company to choose if you want to repair current roof damages and get help identifying any weaknesses that could lead to future problems. We list five signs that display you’re in need of roof repair or a new roof.

SHINGLE ISSUES It is important to inspect your roof periodically.
WATER DAMAGE It is also important to inspect your attic periodically during rainstorms.
HIGHER ENERGY BILLS Have you noticed an increase in your electricity bill?
MISSING GRANULES One important component of shingles is the granules that are on top of them.
ALGAE/MOLD GROWTH Living in Houston, without a doubt you’ve seen ugly dark stains on roofs.

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